6 Best Famous Food at Penang, Malaysia

We Malaysians take our food seriously, but at Penang, it is definitely a whole other level! No matter where you go, at almost every corner in Penang, you will be able to find all kinds of food stalls, hawker centers, restaurants, coffee shops, cafes and night markets selling delicious and delightful local delicacies! No matter which food joint you pick, we assure you that the food they serve will be tasty! Being rich in culture and having a variety of food from every part of Malaysia, Penang is the best place to travel to if you are a foodie! So if you are planning on travelling to Penang, be sure to visit us at https://sweethut.holiday/ to get the best deals and promotions on Penang homestays! But first, let us introduce to you, some of the best famous food in Penang you will have to try!